2018/06/13    About NuBits / ニュビッツについて

BunkerSofa has been trying to support for free, as a part of the community effort, Nu the decentralized autonomous organization that issues a so-called stable crypto-currency, called NuBits, since its inception, almost, by trying to promote NuBits in Japan for free, as a free contribution to the community. Though we learned a lot about decentralized governance, we realized that the project got compromised over the years because it got centralized somehow, which is the opposite of what blockchain aims at, with no leadership and communication from the core, paid, contributors, especially the individuals that control the liquidity as we can see with the recent peg loss. We consider that Nu was a nice experiment but it failed. We think that a big part of the reasons why it failed has to do with the anonymous aspect of the main actors who can that way, avoid any accountability. Therefore, we decided to stop our free contribution to the community and to shift our focus on other crypto and blockchain projects.

これまで数年間nubits.jpを通じて日本でニュビッツコミュニティーの発展に無料にて貢献させていただきましたが、 ニュは中央集権化した結果、



2018/01/30    The meaning of the blood moon on 1/31/2018

To me, there are 3 or 4 things associated with the blood moon:
I think she wants to give a pre-image of what is coming as positive apocalypse with the sun this year.
- blood , red is the color of grounding and the Moon is asking us to ground ourselves with Earth for the coming event
- be in 4d, be spiritual , take this opportunity to pounder on what the Moon really is
- this event is very rare from the solar system perspective (did not happen in more than 100 years), but there s another event that is even rarer coming after and that is the Sun and galaxies willing to move and sync in a particular timing so that we have the opportunity to actually evolve our body, upgrading our DNA.
So she wants also to communicate the blessing of such events.

God bless you all!


-julien (gbboy)


2018/01/02    2018年新年明けましておめでとう / Happy new year 2018!

(English follows Japanese)














The team at BunkerSofa, LLC would like to wish you a happy new year 2018.

We have the feeling that 2018 will be the year of the liberation of Humanity from the dark forces that have been keeping Humans enslaved for so many thousands of years.

Then there will be a solar flash which is supposed to happen between 2018 and 2024. When the solar flash happens, Humanity will shift to the 4th density.

In any case, we wish you all a ever-lasting very good health and prosperity.

This is possible only if you have more STO (Service-To-Others) than STS (Service-To-Self) in yourself, we believe.

BunkerSofa, LLC, via its truth disclosure activity and via its crypto-currencies consulting activity aim at helping you grow your STO dimension.

This is what we will be focusing in 2018, for both a Japanese-speaking and an English-speaking audiences.

Thank you very much.

LOVE is the key


2017/11/14    Cryptos, Disclosure and Humanity

We are approaching rapidly the period in time (March 2018) from which cryptos are going to break through in usage and disclosure about new technologies and hidden knowledge is going to be done.

- Cryptos enable the Disclosure because unlike fiat currency, they don’t enable to bribe People and buy their actions

- Because Reality is the energetic co-projection of all visions and images from every single human individual’s consciousness on Earth, its future is predictable

- Bitcoin is more than just digital money: it is a software technology for people to get free financially one of after the other, one group after the other, and that liberalization is spread out over time fractally

- Why Bitcoin has value is because it is collateralized by actual work

- People will somehow accept new knowledge and new sciences about everything that has been hidden to them so far, thanks to the Mandela Effect.




2016/07/19    ブロックチェーンに関するコンサルティングサービスを始めました / We have started a blockchain related consulting service

(English follows Japanese)



- ブロックチェーン技術における細かい仕組みについての技術的コンサルティング
- ブロックチェーン技術を使ったソフトエウア開発に関するプロジェクト管理
- ブロックチェーン開発(例:ゼロからリリースまでのビットコイン交換所作成)
- ブロックチェーンを使った分散型自律的組織に基づく新型の経営コンサルティング(例:ブロックチェーンを使った、分散型のクラウドファウンディングプラットフォームの作成および管理)
- ピアツーピア金融(例:固定価格暗号通貨の作成)


From June of this year (2016), we have decided to focus most of our efforts on providing consulting services related to the blockchain technology (including bitcoin) for clients based out of Japan, primarily.

Consulting services include the following:

- technical consulting related to the technical intricacies of the blockchain
- project management related to blockchain related software development
- blockchain development (ex: we can develop a bitcoin exchange from scratch)
- new business related consulting on how to create a decentralized autonomous organization (ex: we can advise you on how to create and manage a decentralized crowdfunding platform)
- peer to peer finance (ex: we can advise you on how to create a stable crypto-currency)

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us


2016/03/28    About our new service: Tokyo-based startups support

It seems that there is more and more money pouring into venture capital.
At the same time, it seems that there are and more startups trying to raise funding.
This post confirms my impression.
BunkerSofa, LLC is a company based out of Tokyo.
My personal impression is related to the venture capital and startup scene, here in Tokyo.
Very recently, BunkerSofa, LLC has modified drastically its activities to focus on supporting startups based out of Tokyo.
Supporting meaning raising fund and recruiting mainly.
It is indicated in the profile page.

◆ BunkerSofa advises and helps startups with a disruptive service/product/technology get funding in Japan, develop customers, increase sales, hire new team members, find partners and connect with the relevant people etc…

The business model here would be to get either a monthly consulting fee or a compensation in terms of stocks or a combination of both, from the startup.
Or perhaps another model is viable.
We are receiving more and more inquiries about startups trying to raise funding and find early stage members, in Tokyo.
I hope I will be able, soon, to share information about our first deals!


2015/09/03    September, 23 2015 – Catastrophe Day [UPDATE #2]

Less than 3 weeks to go before the Event, I have some important updates to my original article.

- As for the possibility of such an event.

Stocks markets worldwide are starting to crumble. Predictive Programming in the medias and in daily real life is at its highest.

Also, they have conducted several warm-up or test events that show we are converging rapidly.

* July 8, 2015 Stock Exchange shut down that points deliberately to 9/23.

* Fake Asteroid passage generated by Project Blue Beam over Argentina (July 30th, 2015) and Miami (September 1st, 2015)

* Destruction of Chinese factories (e.g Tianjin) by remote weaponry


- As for the modus operandi employed.

I’ve mentioned  that they would prepare explosives on the ground — they have demonstrated superior technology with these recent terrorist attacks on China.

The very accurate and extremely powerful attack on the large Tianjin factory is probably executed by Scalar Technology or other beam weapons, considering it is conducted remotely and on a very targeted position.


- As for the reason of such a mess.

More simply put than my previous articles, 9/23 could be seen as a ritual ceremony for them to make way for the New (the positive) by clearing out the Old (the negative Illuminati).

For that task, they need some energy coming from the sacrificial outcomes.

Even if some of them want to mess up with it (CERN faction), they cannot stop the DNA transformation of the individuals that have tuned to the New Positive Fundamental Frequency.

0n 9/23/2015, there will be a massive flow of energy coming inbound to Earth that will enable an extraordinary step forward to Ascension for Prepared Humans so that they become Superhumans or Metahumans, with 12-strand DNA.

The cabal knows that and will destroy itself and its old financial paradigms, bringing down with it all those that depend on them.

What would be the condition required to live and thrive on Earth: perhaps to be a positive enlightened one but that would certainly be the case of all earthlings. Because People will have regained their lost abilities stolen from Mankind thousands of years ago.







2015/07/15    Prediction: NuBits will get off the ground around the end of September 2015, when the financial and monetary crisis freezes the banking system

Based on this post that I made in disclose.nu, I am personally convinced that a severe monetary and financial crisis is necessary and will happen before the end of 2015, the most likely point in time being the end of September 2015, around or on September 23rd.

The direct consequences of it being mainly:

- a freezing of a substantial portion of the SWIFT/FIAT system (aka the banking system)

- a confiscation of a substantial portion of deposits

- capital control

In other words, not only you would see your money in the bank be confiscated at least partially, but also you would be very limited in the amount of money you would be able to withdraw and transfer locally and internationally.

In essence, commerce would be hugely hindered.

But the world cannot afford to be in a state of economic coma for a long period of time on the one hand and Humanity needs to learn to get independent from the financial slavery imposed by the current banking system that is controlled by the cabal.

Therefore, during that painful time, we would need to create quickly and use alternative money systems.

Gold and silver are nice insurances but they are not good as currencies since their supply cannot adapt easily to demand, making their price volatile.

What about crypto-currencies then?

As mentioned in this post from Stillness in the storm, according to David Wilcock, a researcher on the movement of Ascension, it seems that bitcoin which is the first crypto-currency ever to be designed, was created by the NSA in order to provide a back-up currency that is not under the control of the cabal, in case they shut down the financial system.

Remember that the looming big financial crisis is engineered by the cabal who wants to bring on Earth their new world order.

So the anticipation of a financial collapse as the main motive to create bitcoin makes perfect sense.

But the question is now: can bitcoin be actually used as a currency?

The answer is unfortunately “No”.

The reason is that bitcoin is volatile and its price will never get stabilized for there is no intrinsic mechanism that can adjust the supply according to the demand.

Thus, we need a crypto-currency that is stable.

It happens that there are several stable crypto-currencies out there, already such as  NuBits, bitUSD, Tether to name a few ones.

But the only true, independent, decentralized, counter-party risk-free, reserve-free, stable crypto-currency is NuBit (NuBits).

NuBit is pegged to the US dollar. So you might immediately think that NuBit would become worthless in case of a collapse of the US dollar.

Well, that is right. But nothing prevents the shareholders of Nu as you can see here, which is the decentralized central bank that manages NuBit to change the peg from the US dollar to say the Yuan or a basket of currencies or commodities,  within a short period of time.

By the way, when the crisis happens, I do not foresee a scenario in which the US dollar becomes worthless overnight because of hyperinflation.

I do not feel hyperinflation will happen. What could happen instead, besides negative interests, in which you see your money in the bank being stolen gradually (it is called a hair-cut), is a devaluation, such as a 50% devaluation of its value compared to foreign currencies such as the Japanese Yen.

So in that case, the US dollar will have less purchasing power but its role as a currency will be preserved.

Furthermore, according to Cobra, a representative of the Resistance movement on Earth, envisions a financial reset happening in January 2016, introducing a new financial system based on a basket of currencies and commodities in which the US dollar has still 20% of voting power.

That means the US dollar will still be valuable.

Right now, there is only a tiny demand for NuBits as a way to store value when bitcoin’s price fluctuates or as a way to invest into crypto-currency related projects (one example would B&C Exchange, the first decentralized exchange in the history of Humankind to be ever created) with a stable crypto-currency.

But we have not reached yet a state in which NuBit is used as a daily-life currency for doing shopping on the Internet or paying for a coffee outside, in the real word.

My intuitive precognition tells me that we will not reach such a state unless we have a severe financial and monetary crisis.

Because in such a crisis, people will really start to look for alternatives, unless they give up their freedom. Right now the vast majority of the population has no problem using the current banking system, until the day the cabal starts to limit drastically transfers (this has already started with capital control laws in France) or to confiscate money via negative interest rates (this has already started in Greece, it seems.)

During a freezing of the banking system, if you use NuBits, you will be able to store perfectly the value of your money in a wallet that you have total control over (so nobody can set negative interests on it) on the one hand and you will be able to transact as much as you want on the other hand.

And no entity what so ever will be able to stop you unless the Internet is shut down, which is not going to happen, for it seems that positive ETs did actually establish it and are protecting its integrity under any circumstances.

In conclusion,  I am making the prediction that the world will really get to know the crucial role played by NuBit around the end of September 2015 when the financial and monetary crisis would really start to be painful (more precisely, around or on the 23rd of September 2015 according to predictive programming analyses you can find here, here and here for example) and this will be the moment when NuBit will really get off the ground in terms of daily transactions.


PS: update (07AUG15)

Interestingly enough, NuBits was released on 23SEP14, meaning that NuBits will have its first anniversary on 23SEP15.
To me, it is a significant synchronicity that makes me feel even more strongly that NuBits will start to get significantly publicized when the financial and monetary crisis occur around the 23SEP15.
Another very interesting synchronicity is that Blocks & Chains Exchange, the world’s first decentralized exchange, first fork of NuBits, that intends to provide a steady, large and secure liquidity to NuBits, got its test net released on 11JUL15.
As you might already know, the 11th of July (11th of the 7th month of the year or 7-11) corresponds to the 11th of Tishrei (7th month in the Hebrew calendar), which corresponds to the 24th of September, or the date that immediately follows the 23rd of September in the Gregorian calendar.
Beyonce has a song dedicated to 7-11.
In conclusion, I regard the 23rd of September 2015 as the day before the big shift that will see a democratization of finance or decentralized finance induced by NuBits or the actual day of that big shift.



2015/05/25    September, 23 2015 – Catastrophe Day [UPDATE #1]

I would like to give some short update on the potential cities targeted, technologies that will be used and the economic reason for all this apparent calamity.

This is based on my remote viewing and other confirmation by other precogs.

- Potential areas targeted.

Chiefly, cities in all mainland United States. Additionally to my former post, Philadelphia, Chicago, could be seriously flooded.

Nebraska, Oregon, Nevada could also be the stage of false-flag weather attacks.

On the other side of the Atlantic ocean, Paris is the main target of weather or staged alien attacks.

- The Asteroid false flag attack using Blue Beam tech, will most likely be using HAARP technology to induce submarine earthquake and giant tsunami that might flood all the Atlantic coastal countries and in their country side.

In parallel to all these developments, the Cabal is putting a lot of efforts to open some cosmic portals at CERN. This can be viewed as a synchronized effort to either tamper with Earth energies or create some gateways to extra-dimension realms .

- The Chinese Yuan is by now effectively the World’s reserve currency and Western elites have already negotiated the transition from the USD behind the scenes with their Chinese counterparts – they just need (stage) an immense shock of the strongest strength followed by a Chinese Bretton Woods.






2015/05/19    September, 23 2015 – Catastrophe Day (Nothing Will Be the Same)

There is no gain, without pain – this is true in the spiritual growth realm.

After a week of personal investigation and research, one lucid dream and discussions, I have reached to the following current conclusion for what is going to happen as for Gaia on September 23rd, 2015 :

A Catastrophe, on a global scale – the World will be turned upside down and the state of its affairs as we know it will be absolutely radically different from Sept. 24th.  (Greek katastrophē, from katastrephein to overturn, from kata- + strephein  to turn)

Concretely, what I foresee on Sept. 23rd:

- A false flag attack from Asteroids or Comets,  generated by holographic Project-Blue-Beam-type projections – the powers that be, or Illuminati will possibly blame it on the Aliens.

That will be mainly localized on the United States of America Soil, starting with San Francisco, possibly Los Angeles, New York City, Puerto Rico – Other targets can include Mexico with the Yucatan area, the Atlantic Ocean (right in its middle), Western Europe.

- As it is a false flag attack, that will be a fake scenery, they will have to prepare and foment a controlled demolition/destruction right at the “targeted” cities and buildings/monuments. In particular, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Trans-American Building  in the city of San Francisco are such target for controlled demolition.

- The President of the US or anyone with the right authority at the time will declare Martial Law, on the 9/23 or one of the following days. This is to govern People that will loot and riot.

- Victims will be of 3 sorts: physical deaths (direct ritual sacrifice – God bless them), individuals who will have lost their material/energy/financial resources and those who will obey out of fear. FEMA camp might be the destination of any alive victim.

- It is already scheduled that Pope Francis, months in advance, will deliver a speech to the Congress, for the first time in the history of the papal relationship with the US government. This will be probably to bless/heal America in these moments of pain, but also to unite people of the World against a so-called cosmic threat and open a new intergalactic/exo-politic era for Earth for the first time in its known official history.

- The US will be very diminished, economically shocked because of this cosmic attack/terror and this will trigger a very large depression, in fact the Greatest Depression that America has ever known since 1929.

- It was a matter of time for the USD to be devalued and this catastrophe is the opportunity for them to conduct the devaluation much more easily and in apparent legitimacy.

- China will come and bail out many of the bankrupt organizations.

- Sept. 23rd being the day of Atonement (= pardon to the Lord of one’s sins, by death and then resurrection), the cabal (that knows that it is cooked and it cannot influence the course of affairs to the dark side), will desire to suicide itself and ask for repentance of their failure (failure of  takeover of  Earth) to their reptilian overlord by death and hoping it can be resuscitated (hopefully for us on a other planet). As an testimony of their offering, they will sacrifice humans lives on 9/23 by destruction. By the way,  9/24 is the muslim feast of the sacrifices.


September, 23 2015 marks the day from which nothing will be the same any longer.

Everyone that does not fall in the trap of these fake false flag cosmic terrors and requests of obedience of last tyranny will survive and will inherit a very near, foreseeable bright Golden Age, as one after the other, each compartment and department of the old paradigm of the pyramidal structure that we used to live up until now will topple, as per a domino effect.




PS: this prediction has been backed by many studies, going from predictive programming in movies to remote viewed prophecies and religious scriptures. Source/evidence available upon request.







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