2015/01/30    Data feed in NuBits

“Anyone who follows motions, grants and liquidity closely should host a data feed.

It allows you to have more influence over the network than your NuShare position would otherwise permit.

On the other hand, if you are a shareholder that doesn’t follow all the latest info on this forum several times a week or more, please consider delegating your vote to someone hosting a data feed who is paying close attention and represents your viewpoint reasonably well. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to a data feed at any time.

Data feeds let users configure their Nu client to pull voting data from the internet. All that is needed is a URL to the voting data.

Your previous votes in the client are replaced when you set a data feed. If votes are manually added after you set the feed they will be removed on the next pull. You optionally can choose to ignore individual parts of a voting feed (motions, custodians, or park rates). If you choose to ignore custodian votes from the feed, for example, you may manually edit custodian votes in the client without the data feed overwriting them. All parts are selected by default. ”

Source: discuss.nubits.com & docs.nubits.com




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