2018/01/30    The meaning of the blood moon on 1/31/2018

To me, there are 3 or 4 things associated with the blood moon:
I think she wants to give a pre-image of what is coming as positive apocalypse with the sun this year.
- blood , red is the color of grounding and the Moon is asking us to ground ourselves with Earth for the coming event
- be in 4d, be spiritual , take this opportunity to pounder on what the Moon really is
- this event is very rare from the solar system perspective (did not happen in more than 100 years), but there s another event that is even rarer coming after and that is the Sun and galaxies willing to move and sync in a particular timing so that we have the opportunity to actually evolve our body, upgrading our DNA.
So she wants also to communicate the blessing of such events.

God bless you all!


-julien (gbboy)


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