2018/06/13    About NuBits / ニュビッツについて

BunkerSofa has been trying to support for free, as a part of the community effort, Nu the decentralized autonomous organization that issues a so-called stable crypto-currency, called NuBits, since its inception, almost, by trying to promote NuBits in Japan for free, as a free contribution to the community. Though we learned a lot about decentralized governance, we realized that the project got compromised over the years because it got centralized somehow, which is the opposite of what blockchain aims at, with no leadership and communication from the core, paid, contributors, especially the individuals that control the liquidity as we can see with the recent peg loss. We consider that Nu was a nice experiment but it failed. We think that a big part of the reasons why it failed has to do with the anonymous aspect of the main actors who can that way, avoid any accountability. Therefore, we decided to stop our free contribution to the community and to shift our focus on other crypto and blockchain projects.

これまで数年間nubits.jpを通じて日本でニュビッツコミュニティーの発展に無料にて貢献させていただきましたが、 ニュは中央集権化した結果、



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