2015/04/17    Simon Parkes Elaborates on the Ascension Mechanics


From 45:46 [ Just click on the youtube link above - it starts right on that time stamp], Simon Parkes elaborates on Ascension and its mechanics.


“Ascension without work is cannot be – the Universe would not allow that.

The only group that will go up is those with good intent.
Universal Law = to move up the ladder, you have to be light-weighted.

As Human Consciousness moves up the next ladder, only those that share the same value-based system will go with it.

The Reptilians will stand because they have not made the conscious decision to change their life style/value based system.
If they would change it, they could benefit from the massive explosion of Energy when Human Consciousness expands and we are united with our DNA.

Humans are not going straight to the 5th – we have to learn lessons through the 4th.
The Elite in the new age are very much aware that those that have manipulated us are in the 4th dimension, and therefore this rumor was spread that we were going to miss out the 4th and go straight to the 5th.
Actually, we have to face those that held us down in the 3th – that’s not just for our learning, but for their learning.

We will become aware of the 4th dimension fairly soon.”



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