2015/05/25    September, 23 2015 – Catastrophe Day [UPDATE #1]

I would like to give some short update on the potential cities targeted, technologies that will be used and the economic reason for all this apparent calamity.

This is based on my remote viewing and other confirmation by other precogs.

- Potential areas targeted.

Chiefly, cities in all mainland United States. Additionally to my former post, Philadelphia, Chicago, could be seriously flooded.

Nebraska, Oregon, Nevada could also be the stage of false-flag weather attacks.

On the other side of the Atlantic ocean, Paris is the main target of weather or staged alien attacks.

- The Asteroid false flag attack using Blue Beam tech, will most likely be using HAARP technology to induce submarine earthquake and giant tsunami that might flood all the Atlantic coastal countries and in their country side.

In parallel to all these developments, the Cabal is putting a lot of efforts to open some cosmic portals at CERN. This can be viewed as a synchronized effort to either tamper with Earth energies or create some gateways to extra-dimension realms .

- The Chinese Yuan is by now effectively the World’s reserve currency and Western elites have already negotiated the transition from the USD behind the scenes with their Chinese counterparts – they just need (stage) an immense shock of the strongest strength followed by a Chinese Bretton Woods.






2015/05/19    September, 23 2015 – Catastrophe Day (Nothing Will Be the Same)

There is no gain, without pain – this is true in the spiritual growth realm.

After a week of personal investigation and research, one lucid dream and discussions, I have reached to the following current conclusion for what is going to happen as for Gaia on September 23rd, 2015 :

A Catastrophe, on a global scale – the World will be turned upside down and the state of its affairs as we know it will be absolutely radically different from Sept. 24th.  (Greek katastrophē, from katastrephein to overturn, from kata- + strephein  to turn)

Concretely, what I foresee on Sept. 23rd:

- A false flag attack from Asteroids or Comets,  generated by holographic Project-Blue-Beam-type projections – the powers that be, or Illuminati will possibly blame it on the Aliens.

That will be mainly localized on the United States of America Soil, starting with San Francisco, possibly Los Angeles, New York City, Puerto Rico – Other targets can include Mexico with the Yucatan area, the Atlantic Ocean (right in its middle), Western Europe.

- As it is a false flag attack, that will be a fake scenery, they will have to prepare and foment a controlled demolition/destruction right at the “targeted” cities and buildings/monuments. In particular, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Trans-American Building  in the city of San Francisco are such target for controlled demolition.

- The President of the US or anyone with the right authority at the time will declare Martial Law, on the 9/23 or one of the following days. This is to govern People that will loot and riot.

- Victims will be of 3 sorts: physical deaths (direct ritual sacrifice – God bless them), individuals who will have lost their material/energy/financial resources and those who will obey out of fear. FEMA camp might be the destination of any alive victim.

- It is already scheduled that Pope Francis, months in advance, will deliver a speech to the Congress, for the first time in the history of the papal relationship with the US government. This will be probably to bless/heal America in these moments of pain, but also to unite people of the World against a so-called cosmic threat and open a new intergalactic/exo-politic era for Earth for the first time in its known official history.

- The US will be very diminished, economically shocked because of this cosmic attack/terror and this will trigger a very large depression, in fact the Greatest Depression that America has ever known since 1929.

- It was a matter of time for the USD to be devalued and this catastrophe is the opportunity for them to conduct the devaluation much more easily and in apparent legitimacy.

- China will come and bail out many of the bankrupt organizations.

- Sept. 23rd being the day of Atonement (= pardon to the Lord of one’s sins, by death and then resurrection), the cabal (that knows that it is cooked and it cannot influence the course of affairs to the dark side), will desire to suicide itself and ask for repentance of their failure (failure of  takeover of  Earth) to their reptilian overlord by death and hoping it can be resuscitated (hopefully for us on a other planet). As an testimony of their offering, they will sacrifice humans lives on 9/23 by destruction. By the way,  9/24 is the muslim feast of the sacrifices.


September, 23 2015 marks the day from which nothing will be the same any longer.

Everyone that does not fall in the trap of these fake false flag cosmic terrors and requests of obedience of last tyranny will survive and will inherit a very near, foreseeable bright Golden Age, as one after the other, each compartment and department of the old paradigm of the pyramidal structure that we used to live up until now will topple, as per a domino effect.




PS: this prediction has been backed by many studies, going from predictive programming in movies to remote viewed prophecies and religious scriptures. Source/evidence available upon request.







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