2015/09/03    September, 23 2015 – Catastrophe Day [UPDATE #2]

Less than 3 weeks to go before the Event, I have some important updates to my original article.

- As for the possibility of such an event.

Stocks markets worldwide are starting to crumble. Predictive Programming in the medias and in daily real life is at its highest.

Also, they have conducted several warm-up or test events that show we are converging rapidly.

* July 8, 2015 Stock Exchange shut down that points deliberately to 9/23.

* Fake Asteroid passage generated by Project Blue Beam over Argentina (July 30th, 2015) and Miami (September 1st, 2015)

* Destruction of Chinese factories (e.g Tianjin) by remote weaponry


- As for the modus operandi employed.

I’ve mentioned  that they would prepare explosives on the ground — they have demonstrated superior technology with these recent terrorist attacks on China.

The very accurate and extremely powerful attack on the large Tianjin factory is probably executed by Scalar Technology or other beam weapons, considering it is conducted remotely and on a very targeted position.


- As for the reason of such a mess.

More simply put than my previous articles, 9/23 could be seen as a ritual ceremony for them to make way for the New (the positive) by clearing out the Old (the negative Illuminati).

For that task, they need some energy coming from the sacrificial outcomes.

Even if some of them want to mess up with it (CERN faction), they cannot stop the DNA transformation of the individuals that have tuned to the New Positive Fundamental Frequency.

0n 9/23/2015, there will be a massive flow of energy coming inbound to Earth that will enable an extraordinary step forward to Ascension for Prepared Humans so that they become Superhumans or Metahumans, with 12-strand DNA.

The cabal knows that and will destroy itself and its old financial paradigms, bringing down with it all those that depend on them.

What would be the condition required to live and thrive on Earth: perhaps to be a positive enlightened one but that would certainly be the case of all earthlings. Because People will have regained their lost abilities stolen from Mankind thousands of years ago.








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