2016/03/28    About our new service: Tokyo-based startups support

It seems that there is more and more money pouring into venture capital.
At the same time, it seems that there are and more startups trying to raise funding.
This post confirms my impression.
BunkerSofa, LLC is a company based out of Tokyo.
My personal impression is related to the venture capital and startup scene, here in Tokyo.
Very recently, BunkerSofa, LLC has modified drastically its activities to focus on supporting startups based out of Tokyo.
Supporting meaning raising fund and recruiting mainly.
It is indicated in the profile page.

◆ BunkerSofa advises and helps startups with a disruptive service/product/technology get funding in Japan, develop customers, increase sales, hire new team members, find partners and connect with the relevant people etc…

The business model here would be to get either a monthly consulting fee or a compensation in terms of stocks or a combination of both, from the startup.
Or perhaps another model is viable.
We are receiving more and more inquiries about startups trying to raise funding and find early stage members, in Tokyo.
I hope I will be able, soon, to share information about our first deals!



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