2017/11/14    Cryptos, Disclosure and Humanity

We are approaching rapidly the period in time (March 2018) from which cryptos are going to break through in usage and disclosure about new technologies and hidden knowledge is going to be done.

- Cryptos enable the Disclosure because unlike fiat currency, they don’t enable to bribe People and buy their actions

- Because Reality is the energetic co-projection of all visions and images from every single human individual’s consciousness on Earth, its future is predictable

- Bitcoin is more than just digital money: it is a software technology for people to get free financially one of after the other, one group after the other, and that liberalization is spread out over time fractally

- Why Bitcoin has value is because it is collateralized by actual work

- People will somehow accept new knowledge and new sciences about everything that has been hidden to them so far, thanks to the Mandela Effect.





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