2018/01/15    2018 resolutions

BunkerSofa – 2018 – yearly resolutions

1- Do crypto-assets trading activities

2- Set up and promote a very solid and unique crypto investment philosophy via nuventures.org

3- Get a significant new audience for all the media owned (jigenjosho.com, disclose.nu)

4- Get involved with significant ground-breaking crypto projects in Japan (based on track record such as nubits.jp) and globally

5- Help nurture drastically the creativity and the psychic abilities of each director, while at the same help them prepare for the solar flash and ascension

6- Get involved with ground-breaking free energy and/or new technology related projects

7- Hold seminars in Japanese and/or English related to Ascension and the Golden Age

8- Provide easy blockchain-related consulting services (based on track record such as nubits.jp ). Examples: DAO and DAC.


2018/01/08    Disclose.nu

Hi there.

We have resumed the disclosure media activity of disclose.nu as a blog instead of as a discuss instance as you can see in this announcement.

We hope we can contribute to the disclosure movement that will be heating up tremendously during 2018.

Thank you.

2017/04/11    プロフィールページを更新しました / We have updated our profile page


同時に、CBDオイル専門のショッピングサイト、「KaizenOil カイゼンオイル」を開きました。kaizenoil.thebase.inをチェックしてみてください。

We have updated our corporate profile page by adding that we would like to develop businesses that are related to “alternative areas”.

At the same time, we have opened our shopping site that specializes in selling CBD oil to the Japanese market. You can find it at kaizenoi.thebase.in .

2016/07/19    プロフィールページを更新しました / We have updated our profile page


We have updated our corporate profile page with the start of our consulting service related to the blockchain.

2016/01/29    We updated our profile page / プロフィールページを更新いたしました

We changed the direction of the company / 当社の方針を変えました。

Please check / ご確認ください。

2016/01/12    Happy new year 2016!

遅れてしまいましたが、2016年 新年明けましておめでとうございます。今年もどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。
Happy new year 2016!

2015/09/28    第9期目



2015/04/17    BunkerSofa has launched Disclose.nu


BunkerSofa has just started a new media (launched on 4/15) , disclose.nu 

“Disclose.nu is intended as a civilized media hub for people to familiarize with, get to know and disclose about Extra-terrestrials, from their History, contact with the Human Race up to their technology and their civilization.
This is not a forum to debate or discuss their existence – this is a considered a fact.

This is intended for the following individuals:
- people that are convinced by ETs presence
- people that are interested by the subject and desire to be guided and mentored by those that are in the know.”

Thanks for your patronage!



拝啓 時下益々ご清祥のこととお喜び申し上げます。





2014/12/12    BunkerSofa is endorsing NuBits

  • NuBit-NuShares-PeerCoin-NuBitCoin-PeerShares-1030x365

“This is really beautiful. I love how the decision-making process can be so decentralized via the motion voting mechanism. Thanks to Jordan for being so willing to defer to shareholders on a wide variety of decisions.” – Chronos, NuBits evangelist




2014/12/06    Renewal

Dear followers – It’s been a while.

BunkerSofa is evolving and is on the verge to get into a new business venture, namely marketing and business development for crypto-currencies. Thanks for your patronage.



拝啓 時下益々ご清祥のこととお喜び申し上げます。






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